Our newsroom has benefited significantly over the last year working with Shirley, I have seen immediate results following a 45 minute online session with a member of my team.
Sheryl Barnhouse, WTVR-TV News Director, Richmond, VA

Online Coaching through TalentTrainersOur online sessions give you instant access to coaching techniques, ones you can easily implement to make immediate changes to your delivery.  We put you through the same coaching process as we do in person, simulating a live-shot or reading copy from the anchor desk. We address any type of issue such as voice control, body language, choice of language and appearance. Clients receive detailed coaching notes after each session and we encourage everyone to send follow-up examples to monitor progress.

Depending on specific needs, we have several online pricing packages. This is a very cost effective method for training and can be scheduled with a few days notice. Please contact us for a detailed quote or to set up an online session.

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