TT PicOkay, I get it, standards have changed for television news the past 10 years but remember to dress for your market. In other words, if you’re an anchor in a conservative market, say someplace in the Midwest, then don’t wear a low neckline that will prompt emails from viewers. Is it worth it? You want an appearance that instantly looks pleasing on-air without any distractions and you don’t have to look like an anchor clone, either. So, avoid big jewelry (especially earrings), loud patterns or a super low neckline. You don’t have to necessarily look like a nun out there, either, but keep in mind who you’re talking to when you deliver the news. You can wear lower necklines but don’t reveal too much – keep it tasteful. Now, some markets can accept more variety in clothing, especially the East and West coasts.

Think about colors, too. Take a look at your set design and color combination. Wear colors and patterns that accent the background, not detract. It’s best to stay solid in color but some muted patterns can work. If you ever have a question, ask someone in upper management to provide feedback. Or, you could even send me a screen-save, I’d be happy to take a quick look – I do it all the time for my regular clients. (

Sleeveless during the winter? Never been a fan but you see it all the time. If you’re in an extremely cold climate, it looks odd to wear sleeveless in studio when the temperature outside is zero. That creates a disconnect for viewers and almost will prompt this reaction, “Why is she dressing for summer?” During the warmer months, absolutely wear sleeveless – that’s of course if you have the arms to support it. You don’t have to have Jane Fonda biceps but if you have a fuller figure keep the sleeves either a loose cap (avoid tight, shorter sleeves), half sleeve or three-quarter length.

Again, you can still have a ton of style on-air just keep it tasteful and always remember the average viewer in your specific market.

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