Years ago I read about Tiger Woods spending days visualizing an upcoming tournament. He actually envisions himself at every tee, every green, going through the motions. Then, when he starts the tournament he’s already been there mentally.

Like many people, I have performance anxiety especially when addressing a group. It’s one of the most common fears in the United States. Using visualization beforehand can instantly boost your confidence. Here’s how.

If you handle a lot of breaking news and you fret over looking calm try putting yourself there before the actual segment. As you drive to the location, close your eyes for a few seconds and visualize the scene, the look on your photographer’s face or people who might be there. Actually think about what you would say during the live-shot and truly see those faces looking at you – with an open, approving expression. Instead of focusing on how nervous you might be – go through the paces of performing live.  Make this a part of your regular preparation because it can quickly calm nerves. I use it every time before giving a speech and it works wonders.


Again, a lot of athletes use this technique to help with their own “sports” preparation. Taking a few moments to do the same with your next performance will make you feel a lot more in control.

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